What are the Ways AI Has Improved Human Lives?

Human and Robot shaking handsArtificial Intelligence or AI has always been deemed as one of the greatest inventions man has ever come up with. Extreme naysayers, however, believe that AI poses a threat to humanity. But, that only will happen if AI is not programmed properly (e.g. deployment of absolute orders and instructions).

In the past, AI has successfully helped in creating a culture of ensuring that human civilization moves forward — and there are no signs of stopping. To fully appreciate the contributions of AI to human society, this post will outline some of them. Read on to learn more:

Helps personalize various applications

Ever wondered how Google can predict your next search? Yes, you get it right: AI. Search engines are actually an iteration of artificial intelligence. Like other apps, it can learn your behavior so it can better suit your needs. This is why apps, such as Waze and Siri, seem to know what you think. You can even find artificial intelligence dating apps if you’re trying to look for a new partner.

Helps in increasing productivity

As AI seems to know what you will do next or predict your next action, it can aid in different types of jobs. If you put an AI application on autopilot move, it can do its work without having its human check on it every now and then. Just feed the application with a set of instruction and the job is done!

Helps in data management

We are living in a data-driven world. Every second, a bulk of data is transmitted to and fro. Handling such a massive amount of data requires foolproof machinery. This is what AI does best. It helps in handling, sorting, and deploying information with accuracy and precision.

These are just some wonderful things that artificial intelligence or AI has done for the society. How about you, how did AI help you?