Upgrading Networks: The Telltale Signs It’s Finally Time

Network Upgrade As with anything related to technology, upgrades are necessary for computer networks. It is not enough to simply invest in machines, wires, and fans – you also have to ensure they are up-to-date and capable of completing the tasks your trade demands.

The problem, however, is that many business owners fail to recognize when it is smart to upgrade their network. But really, all it takes is for you to identify these three signs to gauge whether or not you should get newer hardware for your network:

Costly Maintenance

How easy is it for your personnel to repair hardware and replace certain parts? If they are having a hard time, it may be high time for an upgrade. New tech hits the market almost every day, so obsolescence is a pretty common challenge among business owners. If you want to keep up, be sure to understand the life span of your optic transceivers, GLC-LH-SM cables, and similar pieces of equipment, says Optdex.com.

Faulty Compatibility

Lots of businesses still run legacy systems in their workplace, meaning old hardware running on old software. For them, there’s no problem, as the machines still function normally. Sure, they do, at least until you need to install new software – that’s when the compatibility issues arise.

You would want your network to be compatible with the latest, cutting-edge technology available. Otherwise, you would lag behind your competition.

Impeded Productivity

Last but not the least, check the overall impact of your network in the productivity of your business. Networks that take too long to complete a task lose you money, so you would want to be sure the hardware and the software are both on par with the current industry standards.

At one point, your tech would be too old for the job and need an upgrade. Be sure to know when that time arrives, or at least be able to spot signs that point to that. Only through this could you ensure you’re making the most of every equipment you invest in.