Triple Business in the Twin Cities: How to Sell More

Business growthBusinesses are closing shop — partially, and moving to the virtual marketplace. A survey from a Minneapolis-based company reveals a shift toward e-commerce from in-store sales as a top priority. More and more businesses are adapting to a changing consumer behavior as people research, shop and buy for things on the web. Is having an online presence enough for your business in the Twin Cities to sell more?

The Influential Set

A website is not enough to attract sales. Some businesses in the Twin Cities do not rely on traffic gained from SEO strategies. Most leverage the popularity and sway of social media celebs. Minnesotan bloggers can drive page views and influence buyer decisions for brands because their opinions carry weight. Bloggers who have millions of followers on social media can develop new products, not just create buzz and sales for your business. Companies are collaborating with Minneapolis bloggers like Elizabeth Dehn to offer new products. With 71% of consumers likely to buy because of social media referrals, your business could make a killing with the right influencer in your corner.

The Omnichannel Train

While online shopping has surged in the last few years, in-store shopping still counts. Many businesses take an omnichannel approach, delivering refined experiences for customers. The sales strategy combines the tradition of brick and mortar and the innovation of web shopping. Your shoppers can use desktops, mobile devices, and the traditional telephone or they can walk into your store and every channel will work seamlessly. One way to adopt an omnichannel approach is to use tablets in-store. Your sales people can use the tablets to provide the latest information on products and ring up purchases from anywhere in the store. If an item is not in stock, your sales people can order the product for the customer online. The tablet helps your sales people secure a purchase and provides a seamless shopping experience for the buyer. The business of selling is different today. With growing competition and changing consumer behavior, you need a different set of strategies to win. Think about what influential Minnesotan bloggers can do and adopt an omnichannel approach to generate more sales.