Top Study Aids for IT Certification Only the Pros Know about

Certification ExamsStudying for your certification exam can get stressful, and staring at print text can strain your eyes. You also know that this is just the start of many certifications so if you don’t get this, you might lose heart when it comes to future exams.

But don’t worry, if you need a new set of study guides in preparing for your exam, here are some of them.


Pinterest isn’t just for recipes or arts and crafts projects. You can also get some cool infographics, study guides, and even images that help you remember processes and other acronyms and terms. You can even get complete poster-quality images that describe full computerized systems.

Practice Tests

You can use various mock exams posted online for free (and for a fee). Not only do some of these exams may have actual questions from the exams, but they may also give you a general feel of the exam. CertBlaster shares that an MCSA practice test can help take away some of the pressure and psych you up on the incoming exam.


One of the best places to get your materials is CompTIA. They want you to pass, you know, and just short of giving you the answers, they’ll help. Take a look at their blog posts and other materials that they have on their website if you want to get some actual pointers and tips from the source.

So if you’re a repeater for any of the exams, you may want to change your study tactics and include all of these in your strategy to pass or even ace the test. And if it’s your first time to take the exam, then you’d better get in on these guides so you don’t have to take the exam again.