Top Reasons You Should Have a Message on Hold For Calls

Young woman talking on the telephoneDepending on the nature of your business, you may receive a call volume large enough to keep all your employees busy and leave numerous other callers waiting to have someone to talk to. A perfect example of such business is a customer service or technical support center. These organizations receive hundreds or even thousands of calls every day. With so many callers, it can be difficult to address all their concerns as soon as their call connects.

It’s for this reason more organizations are investing in voice technology platforms for their phone systems. With a well-constructed, informational, and interesting message on hold feature, you can reduce instances and frequency of irate customers while also having an additional means of branding and advertising.

They help reduce the possibility of irate customers

Ask your peers if they’ve ever experienced annoyance that bordered or even progressed to frustration with a call, and you’ll most likely get the same answer: yes. It’s only natural to feel these negative emotions when you’ve waited for such a long time, but it worsens when all you hear is either silence or loud wait music.

With custom messages specifically for calls on cue, you can keep things interesting, thereby minimizing the risks of callers becoming irate.

They serve a branding purpose

Professionally recorded voice messages for queued calls can also help with your branding, as long as they contain relevant information that customers will find useful. For instance, you can use those messages as a great tool for promoting new products or services, current deals or offers, and any other interest-garnering details about your business. And because you can easily customize these messages, you can tailor them to the specific market your business targets.

Messages for calls on hold can serve more than just a way to eliminate dead silence or blaring music. Invest in these services now and see a decrease in irate callers and an increase in customer satisfaction.