Three Major CCTV Security Camera Trends

Man installing a CCTV cameraThere is a growing market for CCTV security cameras, and the growth trend is not slowing down at all. More so, the high demand for CCTV cameras is not localised to any part of the world, as it is apparently following a global upswing. According to a report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., the global market for CCTV camera and video surveillance systems is expected to reach US$30 billion by 2020. This aggressive growth is fuelled mainly by the increasing demand from governments all over the world.

The report added that the Asia-Pacific region constitutes the largest and fastest growing market worldwide. CCTV technology is also rising in popularity across the African continent with South Africa as one of its prime markets, fuelling the rise of CCTV suppliers in the region like the Surveillance Africa.

Here are three major trends that characterise today’s CCTV surveillance market.

Internet protocol (IP) cameras

Video cameras used to be the norm with surveillance systems, but this has changed after IP cameras gained popularity and became widely accepted within the industry. The rising of the IP camera system is due to its numerous advantages, which include optimum hard disk space management. It also only records when there is detected motion.


While CCTV cameras used to be seen as affordable only to big companies or to wealthy families, the availability of its technology these days has made it accessible to homeowners as well.

Easy integration

Instead of throwing out the entire system when installing a new one, today’s systems also allow for integration with the old analogue system by using the appropriate software.

The beauty of today’s security surveillance systems is highlighted by their relative ease of installation, integration and usage.