Real Talk: Bringing Out Authenticity in Corporate Videos

a video cameraWhat makes a corporate video stand out? With so many corporate video production companies in Denver popping up here and there, what makes your material memorable? One element: authenticity.

Often, in their hopes to impress people, organizations end up selling themselves, rather than telling the story behind their brand, or overdoing professionalism, instead of connecting with their audience.

There’s nothing wrong about professionalism or promoting your business — this is exactly what corporate videos are about. But if these things get in the way of being genuine to the point of losing your audience, that is, a potential client, talent, or investor, then it might be worth re-considering these.

Authenticity is often a lacking element in many corporate videos. If you want to keep your audience engaged, it’s simple: be genuine. Here are some ways that could help you bring out exactly that:

1. Involve real people.

Sometimes, because of tight schedules or lack of people, organizations just choose to hire actors, or worse, they get stock videos to fill in some necessary shots. Potential clients and investors want to see the faces behind the business they’re partnering with, so give them that.

Interview real people, the CEO, the HR, the employees, even the building cleaners. For sure, each has a unique story that would give depth to your brand story, which may be more interesting than just talking about your products and services.

Involving real people instantly builds trust and rapport even before meeting the team in person. For these efforts, partner with a corporate video production company; Denver experts can help you better in bringing out authenticity in interviews.

2. Avoid hard-sell words.

Speaking of interviews, before you do it, prep people up by telling them that they don’t need to use big, fluffy words. Words that sell rather than inform create distance between you and the viewer.

Examples of these are “revolutionary,” “one of a kind,” “state of the art,” “cutting-edge,” and so on. You probably use this in your product flyer, but with video content — which can be shared (and ridiculed) online — leave it.

3. Tell your client’s story.

It’s one thing for the CEO to talk about a happy client’s experience. It’s another to have a client talk about their journey with you. There’s credibility in there, effortlessly creating authenticity.

Don’t just interview clients though. Show people their story. If it’s possible to go to their houses and film how your organization helped them in their problem, that’s better.

Authenticity is key to making your corporate video stand out. When shooting for your next, don’t forget: be genuine.