Learn Unique Ways to Save More Holiday Money

a wallet full of moneyMore Americans express their desire to travel, but the costs prevent a number from doing so. According to the 2018 Global Travel Forecast, many important components of travel will increase.

Accommodation could go up by almost 4%. So will airfare, which will be 3.5% more expensive. Factors such as important political decisions, security, cost of fuel around the world, and demand will have impacts on the total costs of a holiday.

Either way, as a consumer, you could explore different ways to save more money during your holiday. Here are some ideas:

1. Quit your timeshares.

If you ever have a timeshare during the pre-Airbnb days, it’s time to rethink the ownership. Maintenance fees could already be as high as $660 a year. It might even increase depending on the property assessment.

Furthermore, it doesn’t give you the flexibility on where to stay during the holiday. If you’ve been asking, “What could I do to exit my timeshare?” a good option is to approach a lawyer. It will make the process as easy and as smooth for you as possible.

2. Be flexible with your choices.

If you don’t have any specific date or destination yet, you could benefit from airline comparison sites. These websites allow you to search for flights according to the cheapest month or destination.

You could also set up your email alerts. This way, you will know if there are any price changes to your preferred location.

3. Get help from the locals.

Traveling as a group could truly benefit from a more structured holiday package, but getting one from an agency might be costly. An alternative is to go straight to the locals.

Many popular tourist-friendly cities already have organized guides. Some of them have volunteers, who can give you a tour for a small fee or none at all.

High travel costs don’t need to prevent you from enjoying life more, but they might require you to be more strategic with your plans. Hopefully, these tips will help you save money for other important aspects of a holiday such as an experience.