It’s Not Just about the Cloud: Project Management Trends

Project Management TrendsThe platform of project management won’t look the same after 2016. With the advancements in technology and business, the transformation wouldn’t be surprising.

Business practices are changing and so is technology. It’s only right for project management to follow suit. The new advancements place a sharper focus on the people, processes, the requirements, and technologies.

Using the technologies of the past makes no sense for today’s companies. Nowadays, it’s about better strategies and cloud portal solutions such as SpringBoard. The question is, are you ready for it?

Laser Focus Project Strategy

Limited resources, competition, time, budgetary constraints, and environmental factors (internal and external) continue to impact businesses. If companies are not mindful, they could lose their competitive footing. It’s time for leaders to transform their project management teams and focus all efforts around their business goals.

Company leaders need to focus less on industry-related data and more on specific business strengths and weaknesses. The company should also appoint selected individuals for goal-centric projects. With the laser-focus approach, they optimize time, resource, and budget.

More on Softer Skills, Less on Technical Training

Solid communication and softer skills will also continue to increase in value. A large part of project management uses people impacted by their interactions with others. Skills such as conflict resolution, confidentiality, and diplomacy will be at the forefront of more projects.

Your team should develop constructive and positive ways to address issues as they arise. Soft skills are not common, but as the years progress, they will gain popularity and demand.

More Accountability and Social Responsibility

For most business owners, profits might be the most important goal. Just focusing on the bottom line isn’t enough.

When it comes to executing projects or doing business, do you know how much social responsibility and accountability is necessary? Customers trust businesses that provide visibility and transparency, and those that conduct themselves in an ethical and socially responsible manner.

What does 2017 have in store for project management? No one knows, but they can’t wait to find out.