It’s All in the Cloud: A Platform for Small Businesses

Man interacting with cloud service applicationsThe atmosphere for small businesses is getting too ‘cloudy’; they’re jumping on the bandwagon of greater dependence on the cloud.

Small businesses (SMBs) such as local grocery stores and startup cafés now realise the value of cloud technology in their operations—and that’s a good thing.

Bright Prospects

In the ASEAN region alone, SMBs contribute 96% of the economic growth and employment opportunities. More entrepreneurs today harness the power of technology to reach their full potential.

From customer information to platforms for financial management, more SMBs depend on the cloud for better performance because of the following reasons:

All About Flexibility

One of the biggest advantages offered by the cloud is the ability to access and modify files whenever, wherever. Businesses previously can only access files from one computer at a time. The cloud changes this approach by enabling them to open files from tablets, phones, and desktops.

Collaborating and sharing files is also easier; the cloud offers a central location for invited collaborators to add their input or edit their share. This provides small businesses greater flexibility to work on the go, improving productivity and offering a competitive edge.

Singaporean health tech start-up Ring MD uses the power of the cloud to connect patients with doctors anytime, anywhere. The platform enables healthcare professionals to manage patient records and make informed decisions based on real-time insights. Thanks to the power of cloud technology, the small business took care of 15 million patients by the end of 2016.

Emergency Backup

Disaster can strike anytime; when it does, valuable data can vanish in seconds.

Disaster recovery is one of the excellent features of the cloud. Should your device break or fail, no need to worry; the cloud keeps all data secure. SMBs using this platform also recover lost data four times faster compared to organisations that fail to use the system.

The cloud is the clear solution SMBs need for better business operations. Thanks to this technology, small businesses can operate on a level playing field with big businesses.