How You Can Benefit from Content Filtering

woman taking notes on her web contentStriking a balance between allowed and restricted content may seem like a huge task if you only depend on basic content filtering. Here is how content filtering can safeguard information access and keep restricted content at bay.

What is content filtering?

Web content filtering is a system that evaluates a site’s appropriateness based on its content. It is a type of filtering software that employs a meticulous structure to assess websites based on a library of categories that state whether a site is appropriate or otherwise.

What does it do?

Web content filtering software keeps restricted content at bay and prevents it from being accessed. If, for example, a website with restricted content is accessed, the user will be directed to a block page. The block page is customisable and usually contains information and instructions to the user.

How does it work?

The filtering system works based on a set of instructions that specify which content and strings of characters are not allowed and restricted. When websites with restricted content are accessed within a workplace, school, or facility that utilises the software, these are automatically blocked, preventing any threat to the system from happening.

It reinforces the basic filtering system that is provided by ISPs. This serves as an additional layer of security to protect the system from attacks by malicious programs that usually piggyback vulnerable sites.

How can it benefit you?

With a reinforced filtering system in place, you can protect your system and network of users. Users also get the most relevant and content-friendly pages based on their search and subject queries. This improves the quality of their online experience and helps administrators create the right balance between allowing them to access information freely and protecting them from malicious threats.

If you are looking for ways to create a safer online environment for users and help you lower operating cost with bandwidth savings, strengthen your existing network security with filtering software and see the difference.