How to Optimize for Voice Search

Optimising Voice SearchSimply optimizing for Google and other search engines is no longer enough. You need to stretch your strategy to other platforms, like Voice. More and more users are using the latter to look for establishments or things they want, because of the features on their smartphones. Leveraging this will provide you with opportunities to convert clients into sales.

A Minnesota-based search engine optimization expert cites the following techniques that allow you to leverage Voice search.

Optimize for Long and Conversational Keywords

The way a user inputs search terms on a screen is different from using their voice. Some won’t complete sentences when they type; however, once they speak into their devices, they are likely to use conversational language. The strategy to implement and effectively leverage this platform is to mimic the way people talk.

Think about the types of questions a person could ask when they call your phone number. Record the conversations your sales representatives have to get a clear picture of how to frame the keywords you need to optimize for. Another way to get accurate data is to create a frequently asked questions page.

Local Optimization

Approximately a quarter of people that use voice search is likely to look for local establishments or places near them. They are looking to solve a need immediately and will only make a few comparisons. Use appropriate terms such as ‘near me’ in meta descriptions, titles, anchor texts and internal linking to create some leverage. Integrate potential landmarks closest to your establishment and phrases that describe your area.

Fast and Easy

Faster load times and immediate results are a must to rank well in voice search. Since most people that use this are on their mobile devices, make your pages responsive and mobile-friendly. Remove clutter and secure the information on a page specific to the intent of the searcher.

These are only some of the ways you can leverage Voice search and optimize for it effectively. Implement these to open your business to an audience that uses this platform.