How to Choose Between Part 141 and Part 61 Flight Schools

PilotAspiring pilots may be a bit confused about what it means when a school claims they use the best flight school management part 141 training software. There is no mention of such a thing with part 61 flight schools. Does it even matter? It matters to students in one aspect: part 141 approved flight schools are better for those who want to have a career in flying. However, there are other factors to consider. Here are some facts about part 61 and part 141 flight schools that can help you decide.

What is the difference?

Part 61 and part 141 refer to federal regulations for pilot training. Both parts set the minimum requirements for pilot training and certification.  The difference lies in the form of instruction. Under part 61, any flight instructor approved by the FAA can do pilot training. They do not have to be associated with any flight school. Under part 141, flight instructors have to be associated with FAA-approved flight schools. Part 141 flights schools have to meet the requirements under part 141 regulations, explains MyFlightSolutions.

Where does the software come in?

Flight management software is one of the tools that flight schools use. Part 141 schools follow stricter standards of documentation and accountability. The software keeps them on track when it comes to following regulations. Because part 141 schools are more closely monitored than part 61 schools, pilot training has to follow set curricula and guidelines. This is ideal for full-time students planning to become full-time pilots.

When is a part 61 flight school preferable?

If you have an irregular training schedule, the more relaxed pace of part 61 schools may be a better choice. You can also choose your flight instructor. While you may need more flight hours to get your license, you can dictate when you get your training, and from whom. One type of flight school is not necessarily better than the other. Pilots that receive their training from either type of flight school will need to acquire the same skills and knowledge to get their license. Which one they choose will depend on their circumstances and personal or professional reasons.