Focus on Productivity: How to Encourage Cross-Team Collaboration

team working on projectIf you can unite a group of experts from different teams and departments of your business, you can be sure to gather fresh insights, deeper understanding, and innovation. It’s obvious that cross-team collaboration is a thing that you have to leverage at your company. But how do you accomplish this?

Technological tools like cloud-based program management solutions can help especially if your teams are scattered across different continents. It helps to centralize communications and ensure that everybody is on the same page concerning your projects. But companies that are successful in uniting their teams utilize more than these technological tools. Here are some things that make for a successful cross-team collaboration.

Obtain Senior Executive Support

According to the Harvard Business Review, teams that are headed by senior executives have a 76% success rate. On the other hand, those that don’t enjoy the same high-level leadership have a 75% failure rate.

The visibility and accessibility of a leader make a lot of difference in cross-team collaborations. You might not have the time to be present in all meetings, but making sure to show up in weekly or monthly progress reports can go a long way. You also need to provide several lines of communications including texting, emails, and video calls.

Establish Trust among Team Members

It’s a no-brainer that team members who trust each other perform better. To foster trust among your teams, they have to find the time to know each other better. It will significantly remove the feeling of awkwardness towards each other. Again, the availability of several communication channels is essential in this area.

Create a Team Code

After your teams have established trust with each member, now is the time for you to create a team code. It will define the overall goals, the roles of each member, and the purpose of the team creation. All these are geared towards the accomplishment of the company’s business objectives.

Your teams must find the process of collaborating a satisfying experience in itself. It is where your role as a leader comes in. You need to nurture your teams in such a way that they’d look forward to working with each other.