A Tool Beyond Trends: 4 Things You Can Do on Social Media

Social Media WebsitesWe will remember the 2010s for the rise of social media and memes. Almost everyone has an online profile now, and this has resulted in people getting more connected than in past decades.

Now, there’s no excuse not to have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any social media account, even if you didn’t have internet at home. Now, here are six things you could do on social media sites.

Marketing Products

According to Third Stage Marketing, an SEO company in Denver, entrepreneurs and businesses can now create accounts on social media using their company logo. They can then engage with their customers online, so they’ll resolve concerns faster and promote sales to more people.

Messaging Friends

For individuals, one major use of social media is messaging their circle of friends. You could opt to create group chats in which only selected members can see the conversation. This is useful and also overtaking SMS in usage.

Joining Groups

Social media users can also join groups, such as ones made by fans of certain artists or celebrities. Followers could share any important updates or casual posts from the artist or celebrity within the group, making it easier for them to stay aware with what their idol is up to.


Whereas smileys where a thing of past decades, they have now evolved into emoticons or emojis. These are depictions of facial expressions that involve more colors and pixels than just a colon and a parenthesis. Social media sites allow users to react to posts by their friends through emoticons.

The rise of social media has allowed every person on the planet to have an online version of themselves. While it may have begun as just a tool to connect people, social media now allows anyone, be it an entrepreneur or a child, to simply post memes or grow their business.