A Simple Intuitive and Practical Guide to SIP For VoIP

voipThe Internet has made long-distance communication so easy and affordable that many people take it for granted.

Most people do not even wonder how does SIP work for VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol because they are not aware that they are using it. You do not really need to know these things if you just use the service to talk to friends or family. But if you want to set up communications for your business, you need to know a little about how SIP and VoIP work.

What is SIP?

Session Initiation Protocol or SIP is a set of rules that let people use their computers to talk over a network, such as the Internet. It sends messages to and from computers with an SIP address. Its only purpose is to start and end sessions for Internet telephony services, including VoIP. SIP does not transmit voice, data, or video. Another application, such as the real-time transport protocol, does that.

Why use SIP?

SIP is not the only one of its kind; it is also one of the most powerful and efficient. It is among the most popular, mostly because calls between SIP users are free no matter where they are. You can imagine how great that is when you consider the fact that toll charges for traditional long-distance calls are high. People can call, message, or video chat at little or no cost. All they have to do is get an SIP app and address, which are also free.

What do you need?

If you want to set up your own communication system with SIP, the first thing you must do is get an SIP address and register it online. The next step is to get an SIP client for your computer device. The SIP client is a program that serves as the interface, such as applications included in a VoIP service. You have to configure the client, but they usually come with wizards, so you just have to follow the onscreen instructions. Finally, you need an Internet connection with enough bandwidth to make voice and video calls.

You can set up free calls for business or personal use even without knowing how does SIP work in VoIP. However, knowing some basic information can help you decide on the best Internet telephony service to use. SIP for VoIP is the most popular because it is easy to configure and free to use.