3 Ways to Keep Universities Secure

University SecurityKeeping universities secure is a very elaborate matter. While you want to keep the grounds as free as possible, there is also the reality that crimes and other heinous acts can take place in the campus. It is very important to look at security as a serious issue. Prevention and mitigation of risks are top of mind when it comes to securing campuses. Keeping the studentry and all members of the university community safe and feeling secure should be the priority of everyone in charge of safeguarding campus grounds.

Here are some tips.

Keep the vicinity lighted

Most universities have classes and other activities spill over to late hours. Make sure that all lighting fixtures are functioning to keep the campus well-lit even into the night. Fix every busted light and increase the visibility of patrolling security in dark areas. Students and staff must feel safe even during late hours. A good way to save money on lighting is to restrict evening classes to a certain portion of the campus.

Review all reports

Given that universities are a place of freedom and civic involvement, there is a lot of foot traffic every day, even from people who are not students or staff. That said, make sure that you log and review all staff and student reports of suspicious or questionable activity on campus. There is no report that is too insignificant or trivial when it comes to security your university. From petty theft to harassment, these incidents must be investigated and thoroughly addressed.

Invest in technology

You must invest in security technology to multiply the capability of your security team and assist them in covering a large area. Light sensors, a robust radio system equipped with computer aided dispatch software such as eFORCE Software, and even state-of-the-art non-fatal weapons must be in your security arsenal. These might need more upfront investment, but they pay for themselves in the long run.

Keeping university campuses safe is important not only to make sure that you maintain a secure and peaceful environment in campus but to also safeguard your university from any incidents that will impact you and your business negatively. Follow these tips for your peace of mind.