3 Ways to Improve Quality in Your Automotive Company

A row of tiresCar recalls have become prevalent in recent years, leading to huge expenses for manufacturers and single source suppliers. But there are ways to reduce the chances of that happening to your firm.

Here are some easy ways to keep product flaws to a minimum in your automotive company:

Update your testing applications

Automotive quality testing has been the norm in the car manufacturing industry for over a century. But modern-day test experts face a whole new set of challenges compared to the ones faced by engineers a few decades ago. It is, therefore, imperative that you embrace the latest testing technology to ensure that your product meets the requirements of the current environment.

Encourage a culture of quality

Even the top automotive companies encounter inefficiencies on the plant floor. Sometimes, your staff may fail to notify you of abnormalities they notice during the production process, especially if they fear you’ll think their work is poor. To prevent this, welcome and praise any ideas on how you can improve processes. This culture enhances the quality of your products.

Demand visibility into your suppliers’ operations

If you want to be sure that you are getting the highest quality parts from your supplier, you’ll have to settle for more than just an inspection report. View your suppliers’ operations in real time. With cloud-based quality systems, this has never been easier or more affordable. Having complete visibility of the manufacturing process and making sure that parts meet OEM quality standards gives you the assurance that you’re not getting flawed products.

As a leader, you must act quickly to mitigate potential problems that may compromise the quality of your products and your business’s reputation. It’s the only way to keep customers happy, and that does have a bearing on your bottom line.