3 Things to Look for in a Quality GPS Unit

GPS on the phoneCurrently, there really isn’t any excuse to get lost. Even the most basic connected smartphones or tablets provide at least limited global positioning capability. If you rely on proper navigation for your work or even for your travels and hikes, then you need to invest in a suitable GPS unit.

From GPS simulation to coverage, here are three very important things that you need to look for in a prospective GPS unit.

Robust coverage

Most people don’t know that effective satellite coverage needs four satellites connected to triangulate your position properly. It’s not enough, however, to meet simply the minimum. It’s critical that your unit is capable of tracking several other satellites at once and capable of easily transferring coverage.

This will allow you to ensure your safety as you travel to even the most remote areas wherever you go in the world.

Improved durability

Given that your GPS unit will be with you through some truly tough situations and a range of rough weather conditions, you don’t want it to be fragile. Many modern units come with a degree of waterproofing and drop protection.

Depending on your needs or the ruggedness of the terrain you constantly face in your travels, this weatherproofing is worth the investment, as you don’t want to end up with a damaged unit.

Simulation capabilities

GPS simulation allows you to test the capabilities of your unit without having to engage the satellite unit. This lets you see if everything is working properly before you need to depend on it in your travels.

An effective simulator tests connectivity and mapping capabilities to point out any problems before you need to use your unit. There are alerts as well as tips so you can get the unit back in working shape quicker.

Look for these three qualities, and you can be sure that the GPS unit that you are getting is in the best shape possible.