3 Reasons Why You Still Need a Mobile Printer

PrinterIn the age of various digital advancements, you’d think that print is dead. However, there are many instances, especially in service-oriented business operations, that you need a portable printer. Here are some of the benefits your company can enjoy if you invest in a mobile printing system for your employees.

  1. Managing a warehouse is easier.

Labelling is crucial in warehouse management. And if your team doesn’t have a mobile printer on hand, it can be quite challenging to label everything you have on the site. Of course, you can get a small inkjet printer for the warehouse office, but all that back and forth work can delay a lot of things, especially for the ones who use a racking or pallet system. Invest in a handheld, mobile printer for printing identification labels. It can get the job done faster.

  1. Meeting with offline clients.

If your team consistently meet with offline clients, it makes sense to have access to a mobile printing system for any forms that need to be signed. Otherwise, you risk having to look for a nearby printing service or ask your client to print the form for you. While you can always prepare the forms and contracts ahead, changes are almost always inevitable. You might just end up wasting paper if you continuously print forms that need to be revised.

  1. Printing service forms.

If you’re in the logistics business, chances are, there are many forms that you need the client to sign upon delivery. While most have digital receipts clients can sign, many customers still insist on having a tangible receipt. Of course, you can ask the office to email the e-receipt to the customer, but it’s also much easier to just carry a small, handheld printer and print one when needed.

Invest in a Portable Printer Today

Portable printers come in all sizes and shapes. For sure, you will find one that best fit your needs and budget. Consider these benefits if you’re thinking of investing in a small printer for your business operations.