• January 26, 2012

      Olly Advanced v1.27

      This plugin is a general purpose plugin for OllyDbg that fixes some annoying things of Olly / bugs of Olly v1.10 and also integrate new things. It includes also a full bunch of Anti-Anti-Debug.

      version 1.25
      Note: You can use this version only on NT-based systems!
      - added two new options to skip dialogs (ReadMemory + WriteMemory)
      - added a full range of Anti-AntiDebug
      - added protected application environment (very early stage; mainly against y0da's protector)
      - plugin can handle Base of Code, Size of Code and Base of Data if checked (so you don't need to fix those values in header)
      this option is good if such a value was faked and eats up CPU-resources.
      - added option to ignore a faulty export-table
      - completely reworked the options-dialog.
      - option to maximize windows
      - option to enable "Show all jumps and calls" always
      - Added a process-patcher to the plugin (Mainly for EBFE injection)
      - Added option for C0000008h Exception Handling
      - Added option for Termination-ignore of already terminated targets
      CPU-ASM window:
      - added option to detach process
      - added option for process patcher (also in option) with child-detection
      Memory Map:
      - added option to allocate memory
      - added option to free memory
      - added option to zero memory
      - added option to dump memory area
      Executable modules:
      - added option to insert module
      - added option to dump & dump-fix module

      version 1.24
      - removed two anti-attach routines and added a much more powerful one
      version 1.23
      - fixed some minor bugs
      version 1.22
      - fixed a bug for Options-dialog
      - added fix for "Copy to executable"-dialog / "View" > "File" Dialog
      version 1.21
      - fixed bugs for modified versions (d2k2 version, ICU version)
      version 1.2
      - Windows 98 Fix
      - added flexible breakpoints (non-CC breakpoints) - Win NT based systems only
      - added support for Toolhelp32 instead of psapi.dll (you'll see more processes / suspended one's also)
      - added a compatiblity-layer for Pausedex function of olly (prevent crashes by some plugins)
      - options will be dealt now as real options, this means they will be overtaken immediately
      - Copy to executable can be always used (use this function at your own risk)
      version 1.12
      - fixed a problem that could occur with some plugins on exit (olly crash)
      version 1.11
      - bugfix: some options could fail if Olly was launched from context-menu or when attaching.
      version 1.1
      - anti-anti-debug added (Against anti-attach tricks)
      - added follow in disassembler for packed apps
      - Advanced CTRL+G
      - added WinUPack patch
      - plugin-limitation patch now supports patched olly (Shadow, etc)
      - added CRC-ignore option (so you don't have to reanalyze file on modification, this keeps UDD and all BPs, patches, etc)
      - added ignore modified BP, so olly doesn't disable BPs if memory is modified there
      version 1.02
      - supports now to patch plugin-limit of 32 up to 127 plugins (i guess so much are not available atm :-) if you have so much, i can simply expand the limitation lol)
      version 1.01
      - fixed for re-pair patched OllyDbgs
      version 1.0
      - Fixed analysis for a wrong value of NumOfRvaAndSizes.
      - added options in plugins-menu
      - fixes "%s%s" bug now also for files with "%s" in it. Olly can now also output debug-strings with "%s%s" in it and all other types of "%s%s".
      - fixes a bug of olly (crashes for a faked imagebase on object-files scanning)
      - added option to skip "Entry point alert"
      - added option to skip "Too many patches"
      - option for dll-handling


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