2 Big Steps to Resolve a Data Breach PR Crisis

Data breach concept shotNothing breaks the customers’ trust than them knowing that somebody stole their personal information. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the business’s fault or not. It is already implied that once a customer gives their credit card details, the company will protect it at all costs.

It is for this reason that any news of a data breach can be a PR nightmare. A wrong move can spell the end of a business. Ensure effective ATO protection and plan it strategically with these two vital steps in mind:

1. Inform the customers and apologize quickly

One of the most common complaints among customers is the gap between the discovery and the announcement of the breach. It usually takes weeks or months before companies provide information about the violation. This worsens the situation and can make the customers feel that the business is hiding specific details.

Release the first official statement informing about the breach, the degree of the incident, and the steps being undertaken to remedy the situation. Apologize for the lapses of security. Inform the customers when they will receive further updates. If necessary, provide a number or email they can contact for questions and concerns.

2. Implement a security measure immediately

Integrate ATO protection tools into your APIs. Invest in a better IT infrastructure or hire a security compliance officer. Get a security firm to investigate the matter.

These are all necessary for many reasons. For one, the company must have as much information as possible about the severity of the breach. How many accounts did the hackers steal? What did they do to access the system? Are there other breaches that remained undetected? You must find answers to these questions.

Second, the additional data may help put your customers’ mind at ease since they know the company is already doing something about it.